Monday, May 6, 2013


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your life?  I would imagine that right now you are thinking of the stuff in your bedroom, the piles on your desk at work, or perhaps the never ending to-do list of the menial and mundane stuff.  What if I asked you specifically about the PEOPLE that clutter up your life?

Do you spend some of your precious free time nurturing friendships that don't give back and then find yourself lacking time to contribute to other meaningful relationships?  Or what about the drama that can come from unhealthy friendships or unwanted relationships?  It's time to focus on Spring Cleaning and cleanse your mind and lifestyle of this unwanted clutter.

I realize that the proposed task at hand might be daunting, but think of it similar to cleaning out your closet.  Shoes that no longer fit?  Out.  Shoes that only hurt your feet so you dread wearing them?  Out.  Shoes that no longer fit with your season in life (ahem, jelly sandals)?  Out.  Once the clutter is gone, you are left with a much cleaner space to see the great shoe selection that you had all along, but was perhaps being covered by some of junk.

This can be the same with friendships and relationships.  I am a BIG believer in seasons of life and some relationships are timeless, like a great pair of black pumps, and with proper attention and care they will be with you the rest of your life.  Other friendships can have a season of purpose, but then fade or wear out, to the point that they really don't add much value to your character anymore.  Just because the shoe no longer fits or is passed its lifespan, doesn't make it a bad or evil shoe.  It served its purpose and it's time to move on.

Don't let overextending yourself with exhaustive or painful relationships clutter up the space that can allow timeless and great new relationships to shine.  Cleaning out can be hard work and maybe it doesn't mean throwing things away -- just box them up to revisit another season.

Are we still talking about shoes or friendships or dating relationships or jobs?  I'll let you pick.  No matter what you choose, Spring Cleaning is always a great catalyst for making space for the new and exciting 'shoes' to come your way.

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